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All-Day Menu



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Julie and Crystal developed a menu based on their experience as Angelenos. As Associate Editor of Eater LA, Crystal keeps her finger on the pulse of dining trends throughout the city, and brings her mom along on culinary adventures. As such, their menu reflects the diversity in Los Angeles’ culinary landscape, and pulls from the cuisine of Julie’s home country Korea, along with heavy influence from Mexico, Italy, Vietnam, and the Middle East.


Coser Family Farm

The menu features organic produce from Coser Family Farm whenever possible. Coser Family Farm is a two-acre parcel run by Bites & Bashes CFO (Chief Farming Officer) Russ Coser, aka Dad. The prolific 120-tree orchard grows fruits including Meyer lemons, calamansi, Fuji apples, Fuyu persimmons, jujubes, and Korean pear. The farm also produces everything from heirloom tomatoes to avocado to pumpkins, with herbs and edible flowers year round.

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Crystal developed a cocktail menu utilizing sake, soju, Korean rice wine makgeolli, and sparkling wine. Highlights include the Detox Retox with soju, cucumber, basil, pineapple, and lime, and the Pinkies Up with cucumber botanical spirit, yuzu, and aquafaba.

Beer and Wine

Julie curated a list of affordable wines by the glass that largely draw from California, France, and Oregon. Beer comes by way of South Bay breweries including Strand.


Bites & Bashes Cafe

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Seated: 33
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Monday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm
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Saturday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Sunday: Closed